The Cayaba Care Model

Cayaba Care provides services to reimagine how we support mothers through maternity episodes to improve outcomes for mother, baby, and the community.  

We believe that healthy pregnancies begin preconception.  During pregnancy, lack of access to care, coordination, and other social determinants of health often lead to poor outcomes.

Our team is focused on closing the gap by providing:

  • Clinical services to address acute symptoms, monitor baby, and improve management of serious conditions such as hypertension that occur during pregnancy.
  • Non-Clinical services that focus on patient navigation of insurance and other benefits, patient education, and assistance in addressing other social factors that impact health outcomes.

The Cayaba care model focuses on integration and coordination with the Obstetric-Midwifery Practice and by bringing services to the home reduces any barriers to the patient receiving the recommended care.

The core of our model is a clinically-licensed Maternity Navigator, who comes in the home equipped with monitoring devices and diagnostic tests with care directed by our Women’s Health clinicians.  In addition, our care team includes nurses, lactation consultants, psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers.

We want to engage early, get to know you, and be ready to help you face any challenges that may come up during this episode.  We are honored to journey with you during such a critical time and care for mother and baby.  

Your Cayaba Care Team!