About  Us

Our Mission

To create a new standard for healthcare for Black and Brown communities where patients are empowered, support is delivered in the most convenient location, and care is trusted because it is designed with, and delivered by members of the community.

Our Vision

Mobilize the power of the community and technology to achieve equity in health outcomes.  

Our Values

Healthcare is Human.

We partner with the communities we serve to address the unique needs of our patients and support whole person care.

Pursue excellence.

We earn and build trust with our patients, partners,  and each other by striving for excellence without compromising our standards.


We elevate and center underrepresented voices.

Embrace innovation.

We are creative  and resourceful in getting things done.

not alone.

Moving maternal healthcare forward is a shared responsibility that we all care deeply about

Why pregnancy and postpartum?

The inequities in care quality are particularly significant during these key stages due to multiple factors including: discrimination, historical and structural racism, strained resources, lack of coordination, and other social determinants of overall health.

We work directly with hospitals and insurance companies who want to improve maternal health outcomes and reduce costs, but are limited in their capacity to be able to address the multiple drivers of poor maternal health, including level of service, cultural understanding, and logistical needs of patients at risk of negative outcomes.

Cayaba Care is committed to helping members not only have safe births, but also dignified and positive pregnancy journeys that take into account their overall physical, mental, and emotional health for the long term.

How does Cayaba Care support reproductive justice?

In the spirit of Reproductive Justice, defined by SisterSong as “The human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities,” Cayaba Care is committed to caring for and supporting our employees, patients, and community partners with compassion and respect.

We believe in patient-centered reproductive care. Our guiding principle is that we support patients through their personal medical decisions, including abortion. We provide comprehensive medical information and counseling based upon patients’ medical needs, free of judgment or personal bias.

We are unfortunately very familiar with the fact that Black and Brown communities and those with limited financial resources are disproportionately burdened and harmed when there are constraints placed on care. Access to safe, equitable healthcare is a human right and abortion and birth control are part of comprehensive healthcare.

What is the current state of maternal health in the United States? 

Historical solutions in maternal health have not been effective, and the results speak for themselves. In the United States:

  • The annual cost of preterm births in the healthcare system is $26 billion.
  • More than 700 women die of pregnancy-related complications each year and over two-thirds of these deaths are preventable
  • 24% of patients receive inadequate prenatal care.
  • The rate of maternal morbidity has doubled in the last few decades, and is also double that of most other developed countries.

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How does Cayaba Care make money?

We are very intentional about not placing a significant financial burden on our members. We have a model in which we are able to operate sustainably as a business through our partnership agreements.

Cayaba Care is compensated by insurers and health systems for our ability to provide extra support, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for our members.

All of this is possible while still ultimately aligning our incentives with our patients, which is our main priority. When our patients are happy and doing well, we do better as a business.

We are not a nonprofit, but a venture-backed startup. With venture capital funding, we are able to invest in long-term solutions, adapt our services quickly, and bring in technical, logistical, and business expertise from other industries in order to innovate on what has historically been the “unsolvable” maternity problem for the healthcare industry.

Our Approach

Provide a single point of contact, a local, trained Maternity Navigator who is the go-to point person for resources, logistics, accountability, and emotional support.

The Maternity Navigator and member receive support from our diverse staff of nurse practitioners, OBGYNs, lactation consultants, nutritionists, and social support specialists.

Regular in-home and virtual visits to meet members where they are and remove the cost barrier of transportation, childcare, and time taken off of work.


Who is the team behind Cayaba Care?

Who will be my Maternity Navigator?

How do I get started?

Our Results


reduction in emergency room visits


more likely to attend their scheduled OB appointment


of our members would recommend the service to a friend


Net Promoter Score.
(The health industry average is between 10 and 43.)