About  Us

Our Mission

To create a new standard for complete maternal healthcare where people feel supported throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum with community-based, doula-centric care that expands access to a range of trusted, culturally-informed and flexible services for our members.

Our Vision

To harness the power of community & technology to significantly improve maternal health outcomes with culturally informed care.

Our Approach

1. Partner with a local Maternity Navigator and a multidisciplinary team to offer a full range of maternity support using a home-based and virtual model.

2.  Identify unmet needs and navigate services to close gaps in care to improve outcomes.

3.Collaborate with Providers, Payers, and Community Partners to ensure seamless access to a full range of maternity support and educational services.

Healthcare is Human.

We partner with the communities we serve to address the unique needs of our patients and support whole person care.

Pursue excellence.

We earn and build trust with our patients, partners,  and each other by striving for excellence without compromising our standards.


We elevate and center underrepresented voices.

Embrace innovation.

We are creative  and resourceful in getting things done.

not alone.

Moving maternal healthcare forward is a shared responsibility that we all care deeply about


Who is the team behind Cayaba Care?

What services does Cayaba provide?

Who will be my Maternity Navigator?

What is a doula and how can they help me?

We are very intentional about not placing a significant financial burden on our members. We have a model in which we are able to operate sustainably as a business through our partnership agreements, at no cost to members.

Cayaba Care is compensated by insurers and health systems for our ability to provide extra support, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for our members.

All of this is possible while still ultimately aligning our incentives with our patients, which is our main priority. When our patients are happy and doing well, we do better as a business.

We are not a nonprofit, but a venture-backed startup. With venture capital funding, we are able to invest in long-term solutions, adapt our services quickly, and bring in technical, logistical, and business expertise from other industries in order to innovate on what has historically been the “unsolvable” maternity problem for the healthcare industry.

How do I get started?