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Maternal outcomes in the United States are 10X worse than any other high-income country, and this disproportionately affects Black and Brown mothers.
We are setting a new standard for more equitable, healthier, and happier pregnancies at every stage

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"Cayaba helped me through my high risk pregnancy by simply being there as a support outside of the traditional support system that I had. Through dealing with anxiety and then later in the pregnancy finding out I had severe preeclampsia Cayaba Care was there for it all. Sometimes the help we need is not from those we seek it from, it comes from unexpected places and people."
-Nikia Warthen
“I love that they are able to help with resources whenever I need help from housing help to a listening ear!! I had my daughter 7 months ago and Sharlene still reaches out to me to make sure I’m doing ok and all it means is that she still cares and I love that.”
-Valeria Manigat
"It was a really cool experience and I love that I had the option of being in person or virtual. Michelle was awesome and even helped me apply for WIC and was very knowledgeable. I really appreciate it!"
-ENDYGo maccall

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Here's what your journey could look like
1st trimester
Meet your personal care team to establish pregnancy goals tailored to your needs.
13-21 weeks
Discuss wellness and nutrition, and learn about behavioral health options.
22-29 weeks
Review warning signs for pregnancy complications, and discuss stress management and other health needs.
30-36 weeks
Create a birth plan, discuss labor readiness, and prepare home for birth and baby.
37 Weeks - Birth
Review maternal warning signs, receive care team check-ins, & ensure mom and family are ready for baby!
3-10 DAYS Postpartum
Celebrate your baby’s birth! Address immediate concerns & discuss infant safe sleep, feeding, and bonding.
8 Days - 5 Weeks Postpartum
Support infant care and feeding & focus on early bonding.
6-10 Weeks Postpartum
Address parenting stress and coping skills & participate in Cayaba Care’s postpartum group sessions.
3 Months & Onward Postpartum
Plan for long-term care and wellness & discuss baby safety and childcare.


Lead Maternity Navigator

Philadelphia, PA

About me: Enjoying quality time with my family and friends. Also cooking, traveling, finding new nature walks, meditating, yoga, watching documentaries and EATING!!

I absolutely love interacting with my patients, providing information and support, and just being that caring hand that is much needed.


Lead Maternity Navigator

Philadelphia, PA

About me: These days my hobbies include online shopping and watching tv! I also love sewing, especially women’s evening gowns.

Over the last 16 years, I have worked in OBGYN and centering pregnancy, maternal fetal medicine and family planning. Being able to give care, support and education is what's important.


Maternity Navigator

Philadelphia, PA

About me: I am a trained Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Peer. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and indulging in self care.

It’s my passion to make sure that people receive equitable care by their medical providers, resources from their community, and education to make their own informed decisions. It’s an honor to be of service to you during your pregnancy and beyond. It truly takes a village.


Maternity Navigator

Philadelphia, PA

About me: Over the last 25 years, I've worked in OB/GYN, Family Planning, and Centering Pregnancy. I am passionate about educating women on birth control choices so they feel empowered and confident about their choices.

I have two children and one grandson. I enjoy traveling, eating, and making blue crabs!! Lol


Maternity Navigator

From Philadelphia, PA

About me: I am a full spectrum doula, lactation counselor, and childbirth educator specializing in working with teenage women, first-time parents, and families in recovery.  

Providing village empowerment has become the foundation of my career path, and I am thankful for the privilege to do what I love everyday.

From our members

Ms. Vickiey was so warm and welcoming. She answered all questions and concerns honestly


It was a really cool experience and I love the option of being in person or virtual, Michelle was awesome and even helped me apply for WIC and was very knowledgeable.


Love this program. My MN is Nellie and she automatically became like family. The energy and reassurance that I didn’t know I need she brought that and more.


For the first time since I have been pregnant I felt like I was going to be okay knowing that she and the rest of the team will help me through this.

- Tiana

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Currently, we serve pregnant and new mothers over the age of 15 in select counties in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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