Introducing Cayaba Care's Doula Program!

Prenatal, birth, and postpartum preparation and support throughout your pregnancy journey.

Cayaba Care's Doula Program

Cayaba Care's new Doula program offers access to a team of skilled doulas to provide prenatal, birth, and postpartum preparation and support throughout your pregnancy journey. We offer a variety of accessible options to partner with a doula, as well as a free consultation for all individuals that choose to utilize this service. 

All Cayaba Care Members will receive: 

1.  Doula led virtual birth education classes received through MOMS series. 

2. A 1:1 consultation with a doula to decide if working with a doula is right for you. 

Doula Service Offerings

In addition to the core Cayaba Care program, Cayaba Care members participating in our doula services will be able to choose from our prenatal, birth, or postpartum programs.

Prenatal Support

We offer 2, 90-minute in-home birth preparation visits with a doula ideal for individuals that want to have private individualized sessions, involve family/friends, and have hands-on guidance.

Birth Support

Completed prenatal services desiring to add birth support only. We provide 10-15 hours of support during birth.

Postpartum Support

Initial virtual visit with doula prenatally.
In-home: We offer specialized postpartum doula support including two 3-hour visits in the home.

Complete Doula Service

We offer complete doula support throughout your pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experience. In-person or virtual consultation include: 


  • 3 in-person tailored birth preparation visits, 1 hour each that include a doula
  • In-person Birth Support
  • 2 in-home, up to 4 hour postpartum visits within two weeks of birth


  • 1:1 video consultation
  • 3 virtual visits
  • Birth plan support and education
  • Unlimited text support until birth
  • Partner support
  • Availability via phone call or text to help assist with birth options or answer questions.
  • 3 postpartum follow-up appointments
  • Recovery and self care techniques
  • Lactation support
  • Unlimited text support for up to 1 month postpartum