Home-based pregnancy care

Personal, friendly help between OBGYN visits from your own team of experts.

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What is Cayaba Care?

Local, Multidisciplinary
Care Team
Call, text, or have in-person visits. Your team includes nurses, therapists, and insurance experts (and lots of fellow moms!).
Home-Based Navigator
You personal maternity navigator is your go-to contact so you always have someone to rely on. They're local and can visit you at home or virtually!
Support for All Stages
From pre-pregnancy to after delivery, we're here for you every step of the way.

An extra layer of support

We're with you throughout your pregnancy journey!
Symptom Management
Social Service Navigation
Insurance Paperwork
Care Coordination
Prenatal and Childbirth Education
Help with Hospital Appointments
Mental and Emotional Support
Nutrition Counseling

We've got you covered

Cayaba Care membership is free and our services are covered by many health insurance plans, including Medicaid. Call (267)-668-2256 to see if your health plan covers home visits and Cayaba Care services.

If any payment is required (typically a low-cost copay), we will let you know in advance and you can always decline that specific service.

If you're uninsured, no worries. Our team can help you find and enroll for insurance that you qualify for during and after pregnancy.

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How it works

1. Book an appointment
Book a time or call now to learn more about our free membership. You can also sign up today if you're ready.
2. Become a member
Have an initial virtual visit. Meet your Maternity Navigator and decide whether you'd like to become a member.
3. Start your personal maternity plan
You'll have a schedule made just for you that fits your health concerns and preferences. Start right away and reach out to us whenever you have a question.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the team behind Cayaba Care?

We are a multidisciplinary care team, designed to build bridges and reduce barriers. We're making the maternity experience easy, common sense, and providing services in a way that suits your personal needs.

Our team of OBGYNs, Nurse Practitioners, Family Support Specialists, Insurance Experts, as well as our business and technology staff are here to provide you the care you need.

Cayaba Care does not replace your OB or Midwife, but serves as an extra layer of support.

Who will be my Maternity Navigator?

Your personal Maternity Navigator will be your go-to contact throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. You can meet with them at your home or reach them via video call, regular call, or text. They are your main connector to the rest of your Care Team (Family Support Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, Insurance Experts, etc.).

They are:
Locally based and typically live in your neighborhood 
Experienced Medical Assistants who have maternity training
Can get you expert help with insurance, appointments, and resources
Empathetic, great listeners, and judgment free
Many of them are fellow moms! :)

How do I get started?

After you schedule your onboarding appointment, a Cayaba Care team member will reach out to guide you through the rest of your program.

To schedule your onboarding appointment, you can simply click "Get Started" on this website or text us at (267)-668-2256.

How much does this cost for IBC members?

Cayaba Care membership is free and our services are covered for eligible IBC members. If any additional payment is required for a specific service, we will let you know in advance and you can always decline that specific service.

You can learn more about our business model here.

What services does Cayaba Care provide?

Cayaba Care provides an extra layer of maternity support services at or near home. Cayaba Care’s services focus on providing patients with relief from symptoms, pain and overall stress and anxiety throughout their pregnancy.

The goal is to improve the health outcomes of mom and baby. Cayaba Care's clinicians manage symptoms such as pain, mental health needs, breastfeeding concerns, spotting and post-partum follow up needs.

Do I need a referral to Cayaba Care?

Nope! You can personally decide you want to sign up for Cayaba Care services and we will work with you and your insurance and OBGYN.

If you need help signing up for or understanding your insurance, we can help with that. We can also help you find an OBGYN, hospital, or any other clinical practitioner based on your personal preferences.